European Union Programmes Unit

Through Cabinet decision of the 18th January 2000 and in line with EU Commission requirements, the Ministry of Education established, on the 25th of January 2000, the European Union Programmes Unit (EUPU) - a national structure to ensure a co-ordinated approach to the management of five EU Programmes: Socrates II, Leonardo da Vinci II, Youth, 5th Framework Programme, Culture 2000.

Today the EU Programmes Unit comprises the new generation of educational programmes:

-Lifelong Learning Programme:




Leonardo da Vinci

Transversal Actions

-Youth in Action Programme:



The objectives of the EUPU are:

          -To liaise with the European Commission on all aspects of Malta's participation in the above-mentioned EU programmes;

          -To coordinate the integrated management of the 3 EU Programmes;

          -To collaborate and network with other National Agencies;

          -To ensure participation by key stakeholders in the co-ordination of each programme;

          -To widely promote each programme and to encourage and nurture active participation in them;

          -To monitor and ensure effective and efficient attainment of the objectives of each programme.

Until February 2005, the EUPU was located within the building of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Employment in Floriana, but it then moved to 36, Old Mint Street in Valletta.

Currently the EUPU is composed of 16 members of staff: the National Coordinator, three Programme Managers, eight Projects Officers, one Financial Administrator and two Administration personnel.